Sarah Leuchtner

how many times til it's the one, 2020

too bad so sad, 2019

untitled, 2020

milky fire, 2019

bearing the ultra-violet pt. 4, 2020

tint, shade, dice, 2019

when the barbed wire softens

almost, just barely, 2020

cyborg & cyclone; month in review

the journey of camo, 2020

when two shadows look right

ghost (and aligned), 2018

us and the orbs

the sequencing of my queue, 2019

the tripods cue, 2020

bearing the ultra-violet pt. 3, 2019

bearing the ultra-violet pt. 2, 2019

high dive, 2019

fire-n-ice, 2020

7th times the charm, 2020

sporty painting, 2017


my un-nostalgic 80s





crowd, 2018

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