Sarah Leuchtner


Sarah Leuchtner is a Chicago-based contemporary artist that received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Leuchtner has a vast portfolio, including paintings, works on paper, sculpture and installation.  

artist statement

Leuchtner’s practice deftly incorporates precepts of contemporary culture with a painterly approach that calls on formal relationships with the graphic, the iconographic and the structural.

Her sharply honed geometric vocabulary leverages repetition to explore expressions of contemporary social consumption. This exploration is most directly at work in her process-based engagement with “guilty pleasure” media, often incorporated in the artist’s studio while she is at work.

The unique materiality of Leuchtner’s paintings, which incorporate proprietary dye mixes, yield a signature translucency; previous gestures and forms naturally re-emerge throughout the development of the work, simultaneously rendering it unclear which marks preceded the others, and underscoring the importance of the painting’s origin, however opaque it may have become. 

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