Sarah Leuchtner


Sarah Leuchtner is a Chicago-based contemporary artist working in painting, drawing and sculpture. Born and raised in Chicago, she draws inspiration from city life and her surroundings, as well as iconography, contemporary culture, vintage signage, guilty pleasure media and television. Leuchtner’s imagery includes an alphabet of imagined or found shapes, varying interpretations of the grid, and a combination of what has been and what is to come. Leuchtner works out of her studio in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

Leuchtner received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. A selection of her recent exhibitions in Chicago include; Lawrence and Clark Gallery, Hans Gallery, and Bianca Bova Gallery, as well as Northeastern Illinois University. She showed at NADA Chicago in 2020 and EXPO Chicago in 2022. Leuchtner was included in a museum show at The CICA Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea in 2020. She has also exhibited in New York at Below Grand Gallery (formerly Superdutchess Gallery) and at the International Centre for the Arts in Monte Castello, Italy. Leuchtner has upcoming solo exhibitions at Belong Gallery (Chicago) in November 2022 and at Cleaner Gallery (Chicago) in March 2023.



2016     The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA, Chicago, IL


2023     (Upcoming) Solo Exhibition at Cleaner Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022     (Upcoming) Solo Exhibition at Belong Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022     ART-IN-PLACE, CNL Projects, Chicago, IL

2022     Baby Blue's 5th Anniversary, Baby Blue Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022     Electric Pink Lemonade, Circle Contemporary, Chicago, IL

2022     disco disco, installation at The Whistler Storefront Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022     EXPO Chicago, Aaron Galleries, Chicago, IL

2020     NADA Chicago, Bianca Bova Gallery, Chicago, IL

2020     Collage, Hans Gallery, Chicago, IL

2020     Abstract Mind 2020, CICA Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea

2019     Handmade by Robots, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

2019     MORE Small Painting(s), Lawrence & Clark, Chicago, IL

2019     OPEN 4.0, Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, IL

2019     CONNECT, Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, IL

2019     Good Looks Aren't the Only Thing That Matters, Superdutchess Gallery, New York, NY

2019     12 New Paintings; Solo Exhibition, Bianca Bova Gallery, Chicago, IL

2019     mailArt, Lawrence & Clark, Chicago, IL

2018     GIFC, 0-0 LA Gallery at Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

2018     YoutubePOOP, Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, IL

2017     IFPDA Print Show, Aaron Galleries, New York, NY

2016     IFPDA Print Show, Aaron Galleries, New York, NY

2016     Hello, Strangers, curated by Minghui Huang & Zhewei Jin, Chicago, IL

2016     BFA Thesis Exhibition, SAIC Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

2015     Group Exhibition, International Centre for the Arts, Italy

2014     Play, Red Hall Gallery, Chicago, IL

2013     ArtBash, SAIC Sharp Gallery, Chicago, IL


2022     Kimball Arts Center, Artist in Residence, Chicago, IL

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